Bras for Back Pain in Pregnancy

(Updated August 2019) This article is about Bras For Back Pain in Pregnancy, read on and you will find tons of more information as well. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, being pregnant is amazing. The creation of life inside you is marvelous, the bonding that takes place between you and your baby is unbelievable and every sonogram is amazing. But wait…

All these wonderful feelings come at a cost, a very small price that we pay for being pregnant and that is the discomfort we face for whole nine months, nonstop. Although, it is discomfort we are more than happy to face it and we go through this amazing experience happily again and again.

Besides morning sickness and heartburns, mood swings and flatulence we go through a lot of physical changes as well. The fear of stretch marks and the sagging of breasts, the load on the backbone and swollen feet, all are tied up and a must in pregnancy. Still, the reward is so high that these things seem irrelevant.

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Here we are going to discuss the back pain associated with pregnancy and what steps can we take to somehow ease this pain. In layman (woman) terms this pain is because of the weight that is exerted by the growing life inside Uterus. In addition to this your breast also starts to swell and by the end of your pregnancy, you might have increased a size or two (Cup Size).

All these things increase pressure on your backbone and this increased pressure causes pain. In addition to this, there is the loss of Calcium in your body as well, which although is balanced by taking Milk and Calcium tablets, still the effect is there. So, the bones get weaker and well, you start to feel the effects in the form of pain and weakness.

What you can do is not to just lay down and be a couch potato. Nope. Go for regular walks on a smooth surface, avoid bumps and steep surfaces. You can take a brisk walk even that is ok. Some suggest that light jogging is also ok, well I personally do not recommend that just to be on the safe side you know. Light exercising, light stretching, trying to bend down and stretching out is also very good. Keep yourself active, but do not stretch too much. Just light workout, light walk and you are good. Keep your muscles healthy and in shape and they will support you when you need it.

Highly Recommended Exercises for Back Pain in Pregnancy

Swimming is another very healthy alternative. In swimming, you stretch and work out all your muscles without exerting any negative force on your baby or the uterus. If you can find a little warm water pool, that is even better. There is no danger of injury when you are in the swimming pool and you can spend as much time as you like in the water. Just be very very careful when coming out of the pool or when at the edges, put your feet firmly down on the floor and make sure you do not slip, better take a friend or your partner with you and hold hands to be safe from slip and fall.

In addition to exercise and workout make sure you eat healthy and balanced diet. Make sure to include Iron, Calcium and other vitamins and minerals in your daily intake. Protein is a must and you must drink milk, get used to it and make it a habit. Pregnant or not milk is very beneficial for women of any age. Remember these are practical tips from a mom of three. I have practically experienced these and I am telling you what helped me and other moms that I know of.

Perfect Posture Bra for Pregnancy

Bras For Back Pain in Pregnancy

Coming to the topic what you can wear to help ease the back pain. Back pain is very common and as I mentioned earlier it is because of the load, the weight that is exerted on the back because of the increase in the mass of uterus and the breasts. Anything that is not firmly attached to the body is extra weight and will cause pain. So first thing first even if you do not buy any specialized bras make sure the ones that you have, hold your breasts firmly and that they do not dangle.

There are several options available to hold your breasts and your backbone equally. The point is to provide support to both breasts and backbone. Choose a bra that has a wider back, or has multiple straps especially the ones that cross those straps. This way you will have a better hold, both your breasts and back will have a better support. In addition to this look for a bra that has separate cups, this way the bra gives full support to each breast and you can relax. Need help choosing a Bra our Bra Guide 2017-2018 is the right fit.

As mentioned earlier a full back support is a must and that can be achieved perfectly if the bra straps from the Vanity Fair Under Wire Pregnancy Brafront and not back. This way you have a solid back support and the bra hold your back firmly. You can start wearing nursing cup bras as early as 4th Month. Buy a bra with supports around the cups and even if there is a wide strap under the cups the better.

One more marker if your shoulder straps are digging into your skin, it’s not the right size, change it at once. You will not get the required lift and this will increase pressure on your back as well. Make sure your bra comes with high back support, the nearer it is to your shoulders the better support both for your breasts and back you will get.

During your pregnancy and nursing or if you have bigger breasts please avoid bralette. Those small bras may look sexy and appealing but believe me, they cause the most pain, going braless is a better option than those uneasy bralettes. Use only those bras which support you fully, it firms up and shapes up your breasts and they look as sexy and at the same time comfortable too. What’s more better than looking great and comfortable at the same time.

Highly Recommended Bras During Pregnancy and Nursing

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