After all the festivities are over, it’s time for clean-up. Depending on how big your gathering was, this can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, we have some tips to make cleaning up a little bit easier. Let’s dig in and see Tips and Tricks on How to clean up after Christmas Eve.

Useful Tips and Tricks on How to clean up after Christmas Eve:

The first step is to take everything down that you put up. This includes the Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments. If you have an artificial tree, take it apart and clean off all of the fake snow or other materials used to create the effect. Ensure to clean off any needles or sap that may have dripped from the tree onto the floor or furniture.

If you had a real tree, cut off the bottom few inches of the trunk and place the tree outside. Bring everything else inside and clean it up before you clean yourself off. You don’t want to bring any dirt or debris from outside into your home as this can be very damaging, especially if there is a chance of snowfall.Clean up after Christmas Eve

If you have pets that were around during Christmas Eve dinner, check them for contaminants they might have gotten into, such as chocolate or anything with xylitol in it (which dogs should not eat). Keep an eye on them because some symptoms can take hours to develop after ingestion. Make sure they haven’t eaten something they shouldn’t have by checking their gums and teeth regularly throughout the night.

After you finish cleaning up all of the messes left behind, clean off your floor and furniture one more time before you sit down to relax. Use a microfiber cloth, as it will pick up all of the dirt and particles that may have been missed during clean-up. Don’t forget to clean any cobwebs out from behind or above where you usually see them, as they can grow much faster than usual at this time of year due to high humidity levels in many parts of the country.

If there was snow on the ground outside, make sure it is cleared away, so people don’t track through any areas around your home that aren’t already clean and wet mop if necessary (but be careful not to leave streaks). If we get enough snowfall during Christmas Eve dinner, it might be worth it to wait until all the snow melts before you start deep cleaning your home.

Even easier Tips and Tricks on How to clean up after Christmas Eve:

The holidays are a time for celebration and family gatherings. Still, after the festivities are over, the dreaded clean up comes. Here are some tips and tricks on how to clean up after Christmas eve:

  • Start by emptying all of the trash cans in the house and taking them outside. This will make it easier to move around when cleaning.
  • Next, gather all of the dishes and put them in the sink or dishwasher. If there is any food left on the plates, scrape it off before washing. Be sure to rinse off any dishes that have been in contact with raw meat.
  • Wash all of the dishes as soon as possible so they don’t build up bacteria.
  • After the dishes have been cleaned and put away, it’s time to tackle the floors. Sweep or vacuum any crumbs or debris left behind from Christmas dinner onto a dustpan and throw them in the garbage can.
  • Wash all of the counters before you go to bed, so they are clean for breakfast in the morning.
  • Take down all of your decorations as soon as possible after everyone has gone home because this will make clean up much easier!
  • Last but not least, be sure that when people arrive at your house next year that they help clean up after themselves by throwing their trash in a bag rather than leaving it on a table somewhere. This way, no one is stuck doing extra work when there isn’t enough time between dinner and clean up.


Now that everything is clean, it’s time to relax and enjoy the rest of your holiday! From our family to yours, we hope you have a Happy Christmas and a happy New Year! (or whichever greeting is more appropriate for your region/country).