Laser tag is an exciting game that can be equally enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Unlike computer games, this game keeps you mobile, and it can be enjoyed indoors, in the backyard, and even in the park. In today’s article, we are going to learn how to play laser tag?

Basically, laser tag is a game of teams where each team wears laser tag vests with sensors attached to them. The laser tag guns emit infrared beams, and the laser tags sense these beams; if you are hit, you lose points. 

The playing field during laser tag consists of many different zones. Usually, there are 4-5 zones for laser tagging, with each zone having a certain number of players.

There are two types of laser tags: indoor laser tag and outdoor laser tags. Indoor laser tags use smaller areas, but they can be easily set up in any room in your house or building. Outdoor laser tags use a large site with an inflatable bunker placed in each corner of the playing field.

You will need several people to play this game, and laser tag can be played by age groups.

Playing Laser Tag Game:

– Decide on the laser tag playing area. This includes deciding on the playing time and size of the field. If you are using indoor laser tags, then you must choose a large hall. If you are playing outside, ensure that there is enough space for players to run around without getting hurt

– Find volunteers who want to join this laser tag game. Ensure that each team has an even number of players, usually 4 or 5 people per team works best

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– Attach laser tags to each volunteer’s vests, these should be adequately worn, and they should not get in the way during play

– Assign a single player as a referee. Their role is to calculate the score at the end of the laser tag game

– Players are divided into two teams. The laser tag gun has a laser sight on it; you can turn this laser sight off if players don’t understand which team they are playing for

– Give each team a laser gun and have them line up along opposite sides of the laser tag play area, ensure that there is enough space so that each team member’s gun doesn’t hit other team members’ vest

– Let the laser tag game begin! Let players run around in any direction but make sure that no laser tag hits another player aside from his vest. If this happens, then you should give away points to the enemy laser tags. You must let laser tag players know which laser tag vest is theirs and which laser tags belong to the opposing team

– Keep playing laser tag until each laser tag player has been hit by the enemy laser gun. At this point, you must stop laser tagging and ask players to return to their team base. You can use a “safe” word or phrase so that laser tag players know when they should go back to base

– Once all laser tag players have returned to their bases, announce the scores if there are prizes involved for winning teams. Hand out rewards at this time

Laser tag is one of the most exciting games that kids can play with friends, and it’s a great way of encouraging active outdoor activities among children. It also helps improve laser tag players’ hand-eye coordination, leaving them to play better at other games. It’s a great way to enjoy laser tag. It only requires laser tags and laser guns, so if you want to play laser tagging, ask around and see if anyone already owns laser guns.

Laser Tag Game Rules:

Here are the rules of the laser tag game:

1. Before the laser tag game begins, it is necessary to know that a laser gun or laser tag gun works on batteries and is actually a toy. It has lights and sounds which inform about low power situations.

2. Your laser gun must be set to “ready” mode before playing the laser tag game: Set the right laser beam intensity and sound and light frequency as desired, and then click ‘READY’ (red laser will turn solid red).

3. If you want to quit the laser tag game at any time, press the RED STOP/RESET button instead of the yellow START/PAUSE button (a short tone will sound) but make sure not to switch off your laser gun as it may change settings such as intensity (which laser beam intensity to use) and frequency.

4. If you are playing laser tag in dark areas, set the laser gun to “red laser” or “infrared laser” mode before or during the game, depending on whether your laser gun works on red-laser or infrared laser (infrared laser cannot be seen by human eyes).

5. With your laser gun off, stand in the starting area until all players have their laser guns set to ready mode and turn them on when play starts.

6. You can only capture a player’s flag if batteries are not protected by switching their laser gun off.

7. When playing laser tag with multiple lasers set at different power levels, ensure that these power levels do not overlap. The red laser is lower power laser beam intensity, whereas the infrared laser is higher power laser beam intensity. If you plan to play on multiple laser arenas set at higher power levels, make sure your laser gun has enough batteries for longer playing hours; otherwise, the laser gun may turn off automatically due to low battery whereby you cannot capture flags, or your opponent’s laser beams may not be visible. Having enough laser guns allows players to switch between red laser and infrared laser mode of operation as desired during the game without worrying about running out of batteries prior to the game’s completion.

8. When playing on multi-level areas with different power settings, ensure that lasers are turned off on the highest level(s) while playing on any other levels, so they do not interfere with laser signals.

9. If you want to use laser guns on the highest power levels, ensure that no laser beams overlap and interfere with laser signals (e.g., aim laser beam away from other laser beams or turn off lasers).

10. It is easier to play laser tag against a lot of players rather than only against one player – this ensures even playing ground and more fun!

11. To define your territory, place a laser gun down on the area you are dominating during the game to prevent other players from being able to capture your flag(s) if not protected by batteries, as mentioned in rule 5 above.

12. All laser tag arenas should be marked properly using red or infrared reflecting paint depending on whether laser guns work on red-laser or infrared laser respectively to highlight laser boundaries and avoid laser beams from diffusing away from laser tag arena(s) during the game.

13. If playing laser tag on an indoor laser tag arena with walls, ensure that your laser gun does not lean against a wall as the laser beam may diffuse against the wall. You will lose control of the laser beam direction.

Safety during a laser tag game:

Lasers are fun to play with, but they can be extremely dangerous as well. Make sure to follow these safety guidelines.

  1. Wear laser-resistant clothing.
  2. Wear laser tag goggles or sunglasses if the laser is mounted on a gun barrel.
  3. Never shoot lasers at people’s eyes or on reflective surfaces.
  4. Do not shine laser beams in the direction of aircraft, road traffic, railways, or boats.
  5. Never shine laser beams on persons who are medically vulnerable.
  6. Do not shine laser beams at mirrors or other reflective surfaces.
  7. Switch laser tag guns off before placing them in a laser bag, laser box, or any other laser-safe container.
  8. Never leave a laser-tag gun switched on when it is unattended.
  9. All the above points are conditioned by common sense and safety measures; however laser tag equipment is designed to be used safely in accordance with laser tag


Laser tag is an exciting game, and if played correctly, it can be a lot of fun. The best thing about laser tag is that you can make your own rules. However, make sure to properly protect your eyes and be aware of your surroundings.

Happy (Laser) Tagging!

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