Who says you cannot manage to keep up with fashion along with keeping your feet safe from sores? Socks too are as important as the suit you are wearing. You do not want socks that contradict your dress. Everyone wants to look perfect by following trends and fashion. The fashion Gurus have found a way for all those who want to wear socks while keeping their classy look intact. Like, when you are wearing a coat and full-length pants, you should prefer crew socks to keep your legs covered even when you are sitting on a chair, and your pants ride up your legs. Similarly, it’s a good idea to keep your socks hidden when wearing loafers. So, yes, most of the time, you can get away with short crew socks, crew socks, or even over-the-calf socks; there are times when you need different kinds of socks for your feet.

Fashion gurus have solved this issue by introducing two different kinds of socks: ankle socks for men, which come up to your ankles, and loafer socks, also known as invisible socks, or no-show socks, which remain hidden underneath your trendy loafers shoes.

Both ankle socks for men and no-show loafer socks are kind of casual socks. Each is useful in its own way. Like you can wear your ankle socks when you are inside your “No-Shoes” household. You can keep your home clean and keep your feet warm at the same time. You can wear them over your tiled floor or carpeted floor. (Did you know they come with a non-slip grip as well? Yes, they do.) While no-show loafer socks for men can be worn with your loafers. Especially on those hot summer days when you have to wear shoes but do not want socks to cover your entire feet and calves. You can enjoy your favorite game of cricket in the stadium wearing loafers and Bermuda shorts. The socks will remain tucked in under the shoes keeping your feet sweat and sores free.

Below are some tips and tricks to help you choose the best ankle socks for men and loafer socks for men.

The Socks Material

Fashion with quality and comfort comes with the material of any clothing. Primarily, the material of socks will determine if they are going to have a grip when worn with loafers or any other shoes. Like if your loafer socks are made with nylon, your feet will slip off the loafers quite often, and if they are made of thick material, that will make it difficult for you to wear the loafer socks for long.

Similarly, if you are purchasing ankle socks for walking on a carpeted or tiled floor in winters, you should buy thicker, warmer material ankle socks and thinner material made ankle socks in the summers. You want to protect your feet but do not want frozen or sweaty toes at the same time, right?

So, before making your purchase, you should know the material of your socks. Socks with 80% of organic cotton have a good grip as well as healthy for your feet.

Is Silicon Grip a Necessity?

In ankle socks for men, it is extremely important to look for the silicon grip in these socks. Ankle socks generally claim silicon grip; however, it might not be the case once you try them on. Therefore, you should always purchase your socks with a guaranteed silicon grip. For a better hold, while wearing ankle socks, you should not apply any lotion to your feet as it might reduce the grip.


Loafer socks for men are the trickiest socks to get. The socks have to be invisible and indeed should be below ankle size depending on the type and style of the shoe you are wearing. If you get very low coverage socks, they might slip off your feet. However, if you get a little more coverage socks, it might show, and the whole reason for getting the no-show loafers socks for men is lost. Therefore, get ideal coverage socks that can give you coverage without slipping off your feet and remain invisible.

What is a perfect size (Socks ???? )?

Have you ever got your shoes and you feel your regular size is not fitting you properly? Oh yes, there are different types of socks that are ideal for different kinds of shoes, and the size may vary depending on the style of the socks. Ankle socks are longer than loafer socks; therefore, the size of ankle socks is not a big issue as much as no-show loafer socks, still it’s always a good idea to get the correct size. Click here to get the best no-show socks for yourself or a loved one.


Highest Rated No-Show Socks

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Is it time for you to change your socks in your wardrobe?

Unlike your other clothing, socks may wear out quicker and need replacement. Even the excellent quality ankle socks can wear out with use. Our feet bear our weight all day long, mix that with friction due to walking and sweating, and you end up with socks that soon will start coming off your feet.

This can reduce the silicon grip of ankle socks or lose no show socks, forcing your foot to slip out of your loafers. So, if your feet start coming off of your socks, with or without shoes, it’s time to get a new pair.

Don’t compromise on quality

Good quality socks will not only last longer but will also protect your feet from foot infections like athletes’ feet. Your socks should let your feet breathe but at the same time keep them warm as well. Due to excessive weight and wear and tear, they should last longer as well. Crew socks and over calf socks have the advantage of sticking to and grabbing your calves, but ankle socks and especially loafer socks do not have these advantages. So, when choosing either ankle socks for men or loafer socks for men, get your socks from a good store that sells a better quality product.

[Last Updated: November 2, 2021]