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JUGGLING BRASTina Gunn, of Highland Park Community House, hopes women will contribute to a shipment of bras bound for third world nations.  Times photo Wayne Martin.

BACK in the ’60s, feminists were burning their bras, but these days women are unleashing their bosoms for a different cause.

Tina Gunn, of Cockle Bay, is calling on East Auckland women to dig through their underwear drawers and donate useable bras they no longer wear to developing nations.

The Highland Park Community House manager is the Auckland co-ordinator of the Uplift Project, a scheme that has sent 330,000 bras to women in countries such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Cambodia since 2005.

“I thought this was something really cool,” says Ms Gunn, who has set up a collection point at the community house.

“All the bras are being sent overseas to disadvantaged third world countries.

“On a whole bunch of levels, it’s something I support.”

In some parts of the world, a new bra can cost 10-30 hours’ wages and is beyond financial reach for most women.

However, the consequences of not wearing a bra can include skin irritations, fungal infections, and abscesses between the breasts and chest wall.

“A lot of these ladies have big breasts,” says Ms Gunn. “The heat causes all sorts of rashes.”

Finding out about the programme, which was first established in Australia, and reading some of the women’s stories inspired the mum-of-two to take part.

“It’s very heart-warming. They’re not worried about bras being in perfect condition. They’re just happy to receive the product.”

Uplift Project ships the undergarments to the Red Cross and YWCA for distribution and only sends them on the request of local women’s groups.

Ms Gunn visited Vanuatu recently and is keen to personally deliver some of the bras she collects this year during a return visit.

“It’s nice we can help a place so close to us,” she told the Times.

“When you’re young you can’t imagine wearing a bra, but once you’ve got one you can’t imagine being without it.”

Bras can be dropped off at the community house at 47 Aviemore Drive, Highland Park.

For more information on the Uplift Project, see www.upliftbras.org, phone Tina Gunn on 534-5584, or email[email protected].

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